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Current Projects

  All Source Request for Proposals

El Paso Electric All Source RFP

Summary: EPE is seeking supply-side or demand-side resources to provide reliable electric resources commencing operation for the 2022 and 2023 summer peak season. EPE requires approximately 50MW by 2022 and 320MW by 2023 of additional resources for summer peak hours.

RFP Website: El Paso Electric All-Source RFP

Technology: Solar PV/Energy Storage/Wind/Conventional/Demand Response/Geothermal/Biomass

Energy Storage Resources

SCE Aliso Canyon Energy Storage RFO

Summary: SCE is seeking to deploy 20MW of cost effective energy storage solutions to address electrical system operatonal limitations resulting from reduced gas deliverability caused by partial shutdown of the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility.

RFO Website: 2018 Aliso Canyon Energy Storage 2 Request for Offers (“ACES 2 RFO”)

Technology: Energy Storage

APS Energy Storage RFP

Summary: APS is seeking proposals for EPC services for new battery energy storage systems to be integrated with existing APS-owned solar PV generation at five separate sites.

RFP Website: APS RFPs

Technology: Energy Storage


Solar PV




RFO WebsiteCommunity Renewables - Renewable Auction Mechanism (CR-RAM) 4 Request for Offers (RFO)

Technology: Community Solar PV

Entergy Build-Own-Transfer Solar PV RFP

Summary: Entergy Arkansas, Inc. seeks to acquire under a build-own-transfer transaction structure up to 200MW  of new solar PV generation resources for service commencing by December 31, 2021.

Technology: Solar PV

Conventional Generation


RFO Website: 2018 Resource Adequacy (RA) Request for Offers (RFO)

Technology: Conventional



APS Biomass RFP


Technology: Biomass

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