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Independent Evaluator Services

Merrimack Energy has served as Independent Evaluator (“IE”) or Independent Monitor (“IM”) for utilities, government agencies, and other power buyers in 20 states and 3 Canadian Provinces. Merrimack Energy has served as IE or IM on over 80 power procurement solicitation processes involving a wide-range of resource options and contract structures (i.e. PPAs, tolling agreements, EPC contracts, and turnkey options). Our assignments have included Requests for Proposals (“RFP”) for long-term conventional gas-fired combined cycle and combustion turbine peaking projects, renewable resources, energy storage projects, distributed generation resources, demand response, demand-side management and energy efficiency options, combined heat and power projects, and micro-grid options. Through these assignments, the consultants at Merrimack Energy have reviewed and evaluated thousands of power supply and demand-related proposals encompassing a range of technologies, fuel types and contract structures.

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