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Company Overview

Founded in 1991 and reorganized in 2002, Merrimack Energy Group, Inc. provides energy procurement evaluation, energy project origination, project development, strategic consulting and analytical support services to all segments of the domestic and international energy markets.​

Merrimack Energy has extensive experience in all phases of power procurement and resource planning in power markets throughout the United States and Canada. Merrimack has managed over 100 competitive procurement assignments on behalf of electric utilities, Public Utility Commissions and other power buyers with a range of resource options including conventional resources, renewable resources, energy storage projects,  demand response resources, and distributed resources.

Merrimack Energy an energy consulting firm that helps utilities, regulators, policy makers, and developers achieve energy and procurement targets. Having served as the Independent Evaluator (IE) for over 100 conventional and renewable power procurement solicitations across 19 states and 3 Canadian provinces since 1989, we have extensive experience over a broad a range of technologies and contract/project structures, including Power Purchase Agreements (“PPA”), Tolling Agreements, Asset Purchase and Sale Agreements (“APSA”) and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Contracts (“EPC”). We have served as IE on utility RFPs that have included variable, baseload, or intermediate load generation resources and a benchmark option. 
We have also been at the forefront in working with market participants in undertaking competitive bidding and power procurement assignments and are well versed in industry standards associated with effective bidding processes. Through these numerous similar experiences and projects, we are very experienced in understanding the characteristics of effective competitive bidding programs, the price and non-price evaluation criteria generally used, the models employed in assessing bids, assessment of key risk factors and the role of the third-party consultant in the process.
Merrimack has worked on assignments across all phases of power/gas procurement and resource planning. We have
been involved in procurement processes and evaluation for a wide array of technologies and resources, including:
  • Natural Gas (Combined Cycle, etc.)
  • CHP
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage
  • Demand Response
  • Wind
  • Geothermal
Services on competitive bidding processes have included IE oversight, bid evaluation, independent modeling of bids, fuel supply acquisition, assessment of financial aspects of projects, financial modeling, contract design and negotiations, regulatory assistance, development of bidding documents, integration with Integrated Resource Plans.
Our services also include expert testimony, energy auditing (commercial, industrial, and residential), and bench marking analysis.
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